Lefty Hagstrom Deuce

Author: Jesse

Lefty Hagstrom Deuce

Left handed guitar hagstrom deuce

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  1. Gauthier says:

    Just found your side googling arnoud and by the way, many thanks for your very helpfull posts! I’ve 1 doubt regarding superior drummer and wondering if you can help me.While using The Metal Foundry pack, i liked the option of The Metal Foundry Mix istead of Default . However it’s stereo (1/2 channel only) when i choose multi-out option, all the equalization, filters and compretion that made sound nice on Superior Drummer via Buses do not goes to my DAW (Sonar 8.5) how can i manage that? I mentioned somenthing about auxiliary channels but i didn’t get that, Many thanks in advance for your time!!!!!

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