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Hello again, I’m proud to display this season’s winner on our websites’s front page.  As per Jake:

Lefty Explorer

Handle with Caution

The custom Lake placid Blue metallic explorer I had made for me was Mike’s first lefty build at Black Diamond Custom guitar. The guitar body and neck are made from mahogany. The neck is a 24 and ¾” scale with a rosewood fret board. I modeled the guitar after James Hetfield of Metallica’s white 1984-1987 Gibson Explorer.  The pickup in the neck is an EMG 60 and an EMG 81 in the bridge. The guitar has Sperzel locking tuners on it and a tune o matic style bridge.

Lefty custom guitar exporer

Out in the wild

Beautiful guitar that is ready to do some damage!  Congrats!

Ok, someone finally got around to posting up a writeup for us.  Glad to have you back Dave!  This summer’s winner is is absolutely gorgeous Gibson Les Paul

Love that finish!

As per Dave,

I bought this guitar from Saul @ Centre City music. I understand he isn’t a Gibson dealer any longer which is a shame. This was bought in 2006, and is a 2006 model. I think it was also one of the last production years before Gibson decided to move lefties to Custom Shop, and then reversed themselves. Whatever…

Color is Desert Burst. I had a choice on either a Light Burst or a the Desert Burst. I really liked the DB due to it’s unique maple cap. Personally I wouldn’t think that Gibson would have used that wood on anything else but a lefty guitar. Kind of allegory to being left handed: Having to make due.

The only mods to this guitar are speed knobs. I want to keep this as original as possible. I really like the Burstbucker pickups and the controls roll very smooth. I can do minute adjustments and get a sound I like. As you know finding a Les Paul in lefty is dicey at best and I really lucked out on getting this one when I did, for the price I did. I wish CC Music was still around because Saul really took care of his customers and treated us lefties pretty well.

Cheers all.

Up close and personal