Top Five Benefits of Being a Lefty Guitar Player

Author: Jesse

New content for the week.  I did some thinking and really asked myself if there were any honest advantages to playing lefty.  We ALL know the downside to it, but could I possibly come up with 5 honest reasons why playing southpaw could be a good thing?  Is it really possible?  Let’s see what my twisted mind could come up with:

1.       Concert  Symmetry

Lefty Guitar Solo

Right on!

Make no doubt about it, having a lefty on one side and a righty on the other represents perfect symmetry.  The music always matters most, but  presentation is a close second when it comes to putting together a complete package.   I believe it was David Lee Roth who eloquently put it “I doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how good you looked!”  A lefty and righty guitar player can mirror each other and actually fret each other’s guitars as well when they face each other.  Please disregard the unintentional homoerotic reference there.

2.       Easier Learning

Speaking of mirrors, sitting across from someone with both guitars pointing in the same direction provides a unique and invaluable learning experience.  The lefty can directly mirror the hand positioning and fretting of his or her teacher.  This makes learning scales, chords and passages easier by incorporating more visual assistance than just mentally transposing what a same-handed player is doing.

Lefty Elliot Easton

Watch my hands, play it THIS way!

3.       Guitar value over time

We all know the hell it is to find a guitar you want.  One benefit of this, however, is that there are hundreds of other lefty guitar players looking for the same one.  How many times have you seen bidding wars over a black righty Ibanez RG550?  For every run of the mill righty guitar, there is a sought after grail for the lefty version.  Supply and demand runs true here and the advent of the internet only raises demand globally.

4.       Treasure hunting

We all know that our options are limited, and to find what you really want diligence is absolutely required.  As much as that sucks, every single one of us has had that moment went they came across a specific model of a guitar and felt an adrenaline rush.  “Yellow BC Rich USA Warlock????” – Buy it Now.  Click.  Say goodbye to money.  I’ll never forget Sebastian Bach’s T-shirt on SNL “I spent all my money on booze, boats and broads…the rest I wasted.”  Highly appropriate.

Lefty Kramer

Easy on the eyes, hard on the wallet

5.       Community

They say misery loves company.  Like it or not, we’re all in this together.  Being a discriminated minority in the music world has herded left-handed players into a quasi-fraternity where players from all around, all styles, genres and tastes can get together and help each other out.  Shredders looking out for Strat addicts, Acoustic players checking out local craigslist offerings for bass players and so forth.   Every cloud has a silver lining, this might just be it.  Always help out your fellow lefty, and hope they don’t buy the guitar you had them check out for ya!

Bonus:  This picture just makes me smile for some reason

Left handed tennis player guitarist

The Mac knows where it's at

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