Lefty Custom Shop: Ibanez 540pii

Author: Jesse

Today’s post is a look at my custom Ibanez 540pii.

We used this picture to get the body done

This is a guitar that Ibanez had no business never making in a left-handed version.  I think it is one of the most attractive metal body styles out there, and putting the parts together for this project took quite an effort.

What started out as a common and run of the mill Ibanez 560 turned out to be a one of a kind custom creation.  Yes, to the best of my knowledge this is the only left-handed 540pii in existence.

lefty 540pii project custom guitar

naked from behind

I ran through my computer and found some of the progress pictures that I still had.  Thankfully I held on to them for your enjoyment.

Always remember, you really can have any guitar you want made if you get creative (or want to spend a ton).

Test fitting

Now, onto the video.  As usual, I offer my advanced apologies for my horrid movie making skills and camera-friendliness.


Enjoy, and feel free to post up your own custom creations at LeftyGuitarTrader.com!

final assembly!

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