2011 Lefty Guitar Raffle Giveaway is now open!

Author: Jesse

A winner is you!

Alright, this is it.  1000 chances, 500+ members, 1 hand made custom guitar, one kick-ass guitar forum.

I have generated the numbers and will now accept emails and payments.  First, a few things:

1.  You must first send an email to me –   Jesse (at) leftyguitartrader.com .   The email should contain your username, real name, amount of tickets purchasing and amount of money you will subsequently sending via paypal (see entry below for bulk purchasing rules).

2.  After you email me, immediately paypal the money to Jesse (at) leftyguitartrader.com.  You must mark the payment as “personal” (international guys may not have this option.  If that is the case, proceed as usual).

3.  I will assign numbers right down the list in the order they are in right now.  Numbers will be assigned by the time the email is received (assuming the payment went through).  If you sent me an email and do not pay within one hour, you lose your spot/numbers.

4.  Once you are assigned a number I will email you back with your numbers.

5.  We will hold the drawing on April 15, 2011, winner has 2 weeks to claim the prize or we hold another drawing.  I will PM, email and pester the winner to the best of my ability.

6.  Feel free to post the contest around the web.

7.  This is me in 1994

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Terry Coye says:

    Hi Jesse– I’d like to enter your raffle, but the posting does not say how much each ticket costs. Can you let me know? THanks!


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