Newsflash: Guitar company acknowledges left-handed guitar players

Author: Jesse

Alert the media!

Ok well we’re two days from the Guitar Raffle and I need to kill some time and do an update.  Don’t forget that tickets are still available up until 7 pm on Friday AND the voting is still open for the Guitar of the Month/Season contest going on.

Anyway, Gibson guitars decided to do a feature on us left-handed pains in the butts and I thought I’d give it some love.  Of note is one of our members, the one and only Elliot Easton!  Elliot also got a shout out in the autobiography by Gary Dell’abate “They Call me Baba Booey”.  Seems like everyone loves him!  Enjoy.

The Left-Handed Gun: 10 Famous Southpaw Guitarists

Now if they’d only start making more models available to us, at that price it really shouldn’t be an issue…

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  1. LeftyBlake says:

    Glad to see my hero Mark Knopfler gets a mention in that article!

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