Spring 2011 Guitar of the Month: Crawdaddy’s 50th Anniversary Stratocaster

Author: Jesse

Fender strat lefty

What I did over spring break….oops, that’s another story for another time!!!!

In 1996 Fender celebrated their 50th anniversary as a corporation. And as most corporations do, they decided to celebrate by manufacturing a limited number of fantastic anniversary guitars. Every one of the 50th LE’s came with a 3 tone sunburst alder body with a highly figured maple veneer top and back. Gold plated hardware was the flavor of the day for all of these special beauties. The necks were maple with a rosewood fretboard on the Stratocasters and bass guitars. The Telecasters came with the age appropriate maple fretboards. To us lefties, this matters not, as they did not offer the Tele to us. How sad.

Lefty strat fender

Mint Condition

As for the pickups, I don’t exactly what models they are, except that they are Alnico pickups. Fender called them “vintage pickups and electronics”, though I’m not sure of what that means. All the other important specs, ie; neck radius, tuners, etc are the same as any 1996 MIA Stratocaster.

The guitars came with an orange plush lined black Tolex case. And you ask why does he mention the case, well mine came with a orange plush lined Tweed case and I’d love to find an original case, just in case someone out there knows where I can find one.

The 50th anniversary limited editions are just that, Fender built 2,500 right handed Stratocasters, 1,250 Telecasters (no lefties), 500 P-Basses, 500 Jazz basses, 500 Jazz V string basses, and only 250 lefty Stratocasters. The serial numbers are stamped on the neck plate and my little philly just so happens to be number 103 of 250.

Dual lefty strats and vox

Brothers in Arms

As an aside, I just read in a book today that in 1994, 80% of Fender guitar sales were Stratocasters.

As for my guitar, which bears the name of the town she came from Tulsa, I have owned her for a few years now and she is one of my favorite playing strats  (though to be honest, I have more than a few favorite playing strats). She is a sweet sounding easy playing guitar that loves to mated with my Vox AC15.

Look at that flame!

Thank you Fender and thanks to everyone on the LGT forum. This truly is a great group of eclectic people that are all in our left minds!!!

– Crawdaddy (resident Strataholic)

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  1. Loved the guitar man hold onto it

  2. joe mackintosh says:

    Love your guitar. I have the same lefty #006 . My mother has a right handed one. I sold my guitar 10 yrs ago. I was learning to play and was putting gouges in the fret board. I was afraid I was going to ruin it. Every time I looked at moms guitar I so regretted selling mine. Last month I was at a guitar swap meet. I was first in line to get in. I saw a dealer show another dealer a guitar. I recognized a 50th. As soon as the door opened I went right to the guy. He opened the case. I recognized the guitar buy the gouges I put in it . I looked at the neck plate and sure enough #006. I bought it. I cant explain why this happened but glad it did. joe

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