Member Review: otterhound custom tele (raffle prize guitar)

Author: Jesse

Our lucky winner, Saufen, finally got around to letting us know exactly how talented our member otterhound is at making custom guitars.  Cheers to the winner, and I can’t wait until the next raffle we get going.  – Jesse

Lefty Custm Tele

Finished product, a thing of beauty

Ok so heres the story.  LeftyGuitarTrader.com had a raffle for a custom made tele style guitar.  Luckily, I was the winner.  I was not only surprised to win but even more surprised by the playability and quality of the guitar itself.  The guitar has a very interesting story to it.  First and foremost it is a one of a kind instrument made by Mr. Otterhound, a member of the site and a Luthier.  In his own words here is how the guitar came to be…
Custom lefty tele build

Humble beginnings in the shop

“The main body wood came from a Silver Maple that was cut from the Ronald McDonald house property in Hershey , Pa.  It is one piece and chambered with a top of 1 piece Cherry ripped in half with a Walnut strip center.  The Cherry was harvested in Birchrunville , Pa. after a blow down caused by a small tornado and the Walnut came from a vacant lot next to where my accountant used to be located near Lancaster , Pa.   The neck wood is from the same tree as the strip of 1/4 sawn Walnut.

The body is shaped and hand routed using templates, of course.  There is no stain used.  The body is Minwax Antique Oil finish and the neck is the same with two thin coats of Satin Poly. I have found this neck treatment to work to my liking.  The neck is my Walnut that was sent to USACG for their build to my specs.  The guitar is all hand sanded.

I hauled the wood to the mill, cut under my personal supervision, stacked in my barn loft and air dried there.  The Walnut in the neck is the same as what I used for my acoustic build #1.  The harvesting, etc. is a lot of work and it is worth it to me. I truly enjoy the process.  This guitar is my first chambered build.”

Custom lefty tele

Come together!

The specs are Ebony board, 10″ radius, Abalone Fretboard dots, bone nut, Fender Vintage bridge with brass saddles and vintage style tuning machines. The body is finished in Minwax Antique oil and the neck has a satin poly finish with a gloss poly headstock over a hand applied yellow LGT 2011 logo.
This guitar is my first tele and I couldn’t be more impressed by the tone the electronics are Bill Lawrence Keystone pups and a  4 way switch.  It has that classic tele  sound  that can produce both bright, rich, cutting tone or mellow, warm, bluesy tones depending on the selected pickup.
This is one guitar I plan on keeping forever, I means a lot to me and it represents what a great LGT.com is for us southpaws and also personifies the idea that what we can’t buy, we will build.
Thanks Erich L. (saufen)

Custom left handed tele

You ain't finding this one anyone but LGT.com

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