Summer Guitar of the “month” winner!!! Southpawguy’s custom ESP

Author: Jesse

Alright, another successful competition has come and gone.  Without further adieu, let’s hear from the man himself:

Custom, 90's style

ESP Japan S800 circa 1991 custom order.

Purply goodness!

I ordered this one in 1990, might have been ’91. It was a custom order through Selectron UK. I basically picked the options I wanted from a checklist and paid my deposit and waited. If I remember correctly it took about four months to arrive.

The finish is Trans Purple burst with tinted maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, black pickguard. All gold hardware, OFR and staggered vintage tuners.

Electronics are EMG 89 in the bridge and I think an EMG S and an SA. Push pull on the 89 splits the humbucker to single coil but is still active and noise cancelling. Mini switch for combining neck and bridge pickup. Master volume and tone control with Tele style knobs.

This was my main gigging guitar at the time. I was really into Steve Lukather / Toto and I ordered this to try and get close to his Valley Arts signature models specs.



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