New Guitar Trade Day: 3 for 1 special

Author: Jesse

Someone got lucky today!

Alright kiddos, today is a very special day.  Everyone once in a while a certain guitar catches your eye for any number of reasons.  You may love the finish, the hardware, the rarity or you may just want bragging rights.

Getting Warmer!!!

Today, I can proudly say that I have satisfied all four with my acquisition.  Luckily, a member of this very site was willing to part with this shredding machine.  We did a 3 for 1 trade (bye bye Schecter Blackjack C-7, Pro Tone Strat, Epi Les Paul Standard) and I killed two birds with one stone.  I got a guitar I lusted after and I also lowered my guitar collection by 2.

Oh this is getting good

What you are looking at here is one of the rarest lefty production guitars ever made:  The Jackson DKDM.  Made in Japan, basswood body, Floyd Rose trem, Dimarzio Pickups.  I’m not sure how many were made but I believe it is well under 100.  I just read that the number may be SIX.  SIX of these ever made!!

Anyway, a thousand thanks to Ryan for the extended negotiations and speedy shipping.  The guitar is in great condition and I couldn’t be happier.  The dinky body style is my absolute preference for Jackson guitars and the fact that this is MIJ just makes it all the more sweet.

Things are bitchin' in the kitchen

It's been a long ride from Florida, I need a rest

I have to apologize for the crappy pictures, apparently an 8 megapixel droid incredible doesn’t feel like taking better pictures than a 3.2 MP camera from 2006.  Regardless, here is the rest of the pron.  LeftyGuitarTrader comes though!!!!!!

Lefty Jackson DKDM

Up close and personal, but you can't touch


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