Fall 2011 Guitar of the “Month” winner: MetalDaze Jackson KV2

Author: Jesse

Lefty Jackson KV2

From Dave Himself:

When I heard that David at Extreme Lefty Guitars had become an authorized Jackson dealer, I knew my wallet was in trouble.  What I didn’t expect to discover was that he had a Jackson KV2 in Silver Swirl on order!

Sick sick swirl

As a lefty, I know that left handed USA Jacksons are hard to come by.  When you do find one, it is usually a Soloist or Rhoads model.  Jackson stopped producing lefty USA Select versions of the Kelly, Warrior, and King V somewhere around 2008.  Jackson has also limited the number of finishes available in recent years unless you place a custom order (and pay Custom Shop prices).

Yet, there it was.  I had an email from XLG saying that a KV2 in Silver Swirl was on order with delivery in a few months.  It took me about 10 seconds to hit reply and say, “Yes, Please!!!!!!!!!!”  I’m not sure how he got Jackson to build a discontinued model with a discontinued finish without the Custom Shop upcharge, but I wasn’t about to complain.

The guitar plays as good as it looks.  The KV2 features a 24 fret compound radius fretboard with sharkfin mother of pearl inlays and Jackson’s “speed” profile neck.  Other specs include neck thru construction, Seymour Duncan JB™ TB4 pickups, and an Original Floyd Rose.

You won’t find this one in the “for sale” section.  It’s definitely a keeper and I’m honored that it won LGT’s Guitar of the Month!

Lefty Jackson V

Showing off her backside

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