2012: A Good Time to be a Southpaw

Author: Jesse

Hey everybody, nothing too exciting to report but I thought I would comment on the state of the Southpaw Union 2012.   I truly think that we may be entering into what will be referred to as the golden age of left-handed guitars.  No longer will we be forced to buy the same Stat, Tele or Les Paul in the same 1-2 colors.   I feel like every day a new model is introduced, a new finish, a new limited edition run…heck Fender gave us a seafoam green Strat!

I have to assume that a HUGE part of this surge in availability is the Internet itself.  Back in the day we only had mail order catalogs and local guitar shops.  Ebay didn’t exist (and when it first did there were SICK deals available, now it’s just more retail pricing) and craigslist was just guys looking for hookers or selling Honda Civics with huge wings on them.  In the 80’s I used to have to (have my dad) drive all the way out to Connecticut to see what East Coast Music Mall had in stock.  Most people, however, weren’t as lucky as I was and lived no where near Danbury, Connecticut.  Gibson and Fender always threw us a bone, but it was usually the same old same old…as nice as they were.  Back then Kramer and BC Rich, and to a lesser extent Ibanez (they did give us Road Flare Red!)  were comparatively friendly toward lefties, but the 90’s truly marked a dark time for anyone who wasn’t right-handed.  We were stuck with lower line models, black black black black, and a Mexican Telecaster.  Now, every lefty in the world can be found and marketed to via the internet.  Instead of 1 guitar player in each town companies can market to the entire globe and finally give us what we crave and what we demand.

This past year we’ve seen amazing offerings from XLGuitars.com, Drumcityguitarland, Adirondack Guitars and many other retailers I am forgetting (sorry!).  We’ve seen BC Rich start to go back to their lefty-friendly roots and offer more than 1-2 black base models (no, not Iman).  We’ve seen Dean, Schecter, ESP/LTD, Gibson and even IBANEZ start to really offer some variety in their lineups.  I truly have to think that we all have contributed to this in some way, either by picking up new models, writing companies, tweeting companies or just showing genuine interest.  This gives the companies, perhaps, a little confidence that they can take a chance and market, sell, and profit off of catering to the Southpaw community.

At the same time, LeftyGuitarTrader.com is quickly approaching 1000 registered members.   I will start to churn out more and more video reviews and I encourage any member who wishes to do the same to contribute.  We will put them all on our YouTube channel for the world to see.

Yes Please!!!

I can only wonder what 2013 will bring.  At this point I would be happy if they only broadened the options for finishes.  Now that most companies have shipped the majority of their bulk operations to China, Indonesia and Korea they surely should be able to start producing more and more of their lineups “backwards”.  Most of these guitars are made by machine, so as long as they use quality parts the end product should be a swag axe.  Heck, look at how nice my made in China (#areyouseriousbro) Dean Dime From Hell is.  I’d put that guitar up against just about anything.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  Keep interest alive, it is definitely starting to pay off.  Oh yeah, like us on facebook, follow me on twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Later you animals!

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