Winter Guitar of the Month Winner: LeftyGuitarFreak

Author: Jesse

Congrats to Mike for not only being the clear winner of this contest, but also for scoring a sick rare and oft-sought after vintage American Kramer.  In his own words:

Left Handed Kramer

How many of these do you see in white????

Right now, my NightSwan is with my guitar tech being redone in all gold hardware (I love white/gold combination on a guitar) so I cannot break out the SLR and shoot new pics of her.  However, I do have a few pictures from the past couple of years that you can use (see attached).
This is a left handed 1990 (based on serial number) white Kramer NightSwan with black hardware (soon to be gold), a beautiful ebony board (bolt on), Original Floyd Rose, Mahogany body, and an R1 LOCKING NUT!!!  Yes, this is by far the thinnest neck Kramer has ever made.  I’m talking beyond Ibanez thin….  I do not have large hands, and it still did take some getting used to.  However, over time, I have grown to love a neck this thin.  The guitar is super fast, and sounds great thanks to the surprisingly light-weight mahogany body.
This guitar originally comes stock with a Seymour Duncan “Full Shred” in the bridge.  In my opinion, this guitar sounds too trebly and thin with these pickups.  I swapped these out for a Doug Aldrich bridge and neck pickup and WOW…..now this guitar sounds like a metal beast!  It was such a dramatic change, I was very surprised.  To be honest, the NightSwan is not the most diverse sounding guitar out there…..but it ROCKS.  Southpaw Kramer
In summary, I can see why many consider the Kramer NightSwan to be the overall best model ever made by Kramer.  The mahogany body, the THICK ebony board, the super thin neck, these are all unique features combined into 1 guitar that makes it a serious shred machine.
Lefty Kramer

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  1. mdrorick says:

    Congrats LeftyGuitarFreak! Beautiful guitar. Can’t wait to see it with the gold hardware… Be sure to throw some pics up in the Southpaw Showroom when you get it back from the shop so we can drool over it

  2. AllroyPA says:

    Congrat LeftyGuitarFreak! A deserving axe of awe.

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