Everyone welcome Jon Way to the board!

Author: Jesse

Jon is an accomplished southpaw who puts out a series of excellent guitar reviews and has a really nice website with tons of information and videos to keep you occupied all day.  Make sure you say hi to him on the board and check out his website http://www.guitarswithjonway.com/

Happy Monday!

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One Response to “Everyone welcome Jon Way to the board!”

  1. Brian Anderson says:

    Mr. Way:

    I admire your optimism.

    Here’s a copy of a online petition to Fender. It can be signed at change.org if you wish.

    Fender and Squier Guitars: Make LH Jags Jagstangs Mustangs Duosonics Jaguarillos Jazzmasters

    Petition by Brian Anderson

    Left handed people are discrimated against. The only left handed Jaguars and Mustangs available are in the pricey signature models. Talk about paying a price for being left handed! All of the above models should be available left handed by Squier. This makes them cheaper to produce and cheaper to buy: its win win!

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