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Hello Again Leftyland!

Apparently I have poor impulse control and decided to grab a guitar that I had my eye on for many years.  A guitar that was never even close to available in left-handed form.  A guitar that had my optimal pickup setup and a fairly unique body.  Dave at XLGuitars made the impossible…possible yet again, and my wallet paid the price!  He’s the best thing to happen to southpaws since Jimi

I’m an apparent sucker for anything that is a custom or limited run.  Let’s see what’s inside

This is a gig bag like no other gig bag.  It’s real sturdy, padded, solid.  Very high-end feel to it.  So far so good!  Anything inside the pocket?

Caparison Case Candy

Dave Delivers!

Nice assortment of XLG stuff to go along with the case candy, love these picks Dave!  Ok, enough of that stuff…did the guitar make it here alive?

Horus M3 Lefty

It's alive!

That’s a fine looking guitar.  I really really really wanted the ebony fretboard but they were all sold out.  Still, this looks killer.

Left Handed Caparison EVH 5150iii

Maximum shred

Alright, now we’re ready to see what’s going on with this thing.  As I’m writing this I’ve played about 1.5 hours on the guitar.  Needless to say, I’m not used to it yet so this is a very preliminary review.  This guitar is quite a departure from the guitars I am used to playing for several reasons.  They are as follows:

1.  The neck.  The majority of my guitars have been Ibanez models, which all share a fairly common neck profile.  This guitar feels definitely more like a Jackson, which makes sense as Caparison was formed by ex-Jackson Japan guys.

2.  The bridge.  My biggest disappointment in the guitar is that the bridge is raised off the body.  Every guitar I’ve ever owned has had the bridge/trem flush with the body.  This will take some getting used to.  I recall this setup on several of LEFTYGUITARFREAK’s ESPs and Charvels when I went to his house.  I have to change the way I hold my hand when I pick, so right now I’m experiencing some uncomfortable times.

These guitars are hand-made in Japan, and the quality shows.  The frets gleam like they are stainless steel.  The construction is A+ in every way.  I’d say the only knock I can find on the guitar is that there was a touch of rusting on the trem cavity screw holes (one of the springs came off during shipping).  The Schaller floyd plays just as good as an original Floyd (I hear they might be better actually).  The 25-27 frets scream notes I’ve never heard before and the neck and headstock have a classy beige binding.

The clock inlays are gorgeous, and remind me how much hotter they would have looked against an ebony fretboard.  Fear not, they still look awesome on maple.  Tuners are Gotoh H.A.P. , which are individually height adjustable…which I will NOT be touching (imagine the nightmare I’d turn that into).

Electronics are simple, which I prefer.  One volume, one three-way switch.  I need nothing more.  Pickups are in-house Caparison.  They are….ok.  I can’t quite say that I love them, but they certainly aren’t crap.  I think I might prefer a traditional single coil in the neck.  This has a dual rail mini humbucker or “single size humbucker”.  The bridge is Caparison’s PH-R, an Alnico V model.   It picks up harmonics well and sounds good under gain.  Hard to tell how it does clean as I’m playing this through my “all gain, all the time” 5150iii.  Neck is the Caparison SH-27F.  This is designed for a 27 fret guitar, where the neck pickup is near the middle of the body.  It tries to recreate the warmth of a typical neck pickup, but I think it misses the mark.  Whether that is due to positioning or the pickup, I cannot say.  The guitar definitely excels under gain, above all.

These guitars are fairly pricy, in line with ESP’s stuff for the most part.

*waits an hour*

Ok, I ran the guitar through my XXX as well.  Cleans sounded a bit better, but this will never be your “go to” guitar for cleans.  I swapped in my EVH and I can definitely say that the EVH takes it easily.  To be fair, though, it takes almost everything easily.

Also, the guitar came setup terrific from the factory in Japan.  The action is L-O-W, but I wonder if they could have made it so that the trem is flush with the body…ahh, who knows.

Ok that’s it for now, I’ll update this is anything changes 😉

First edit:  I was hoping the blue would look like this in person

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