Winter 2011 Guitar of the Month

Author: Jesse

Alright, working out this new posting style.  Here is our first GOTM of 2011.  Congrats to McCap (Stephan) for a unique beauty.  As to what goes behind this guitar, no one better to describe it than Stephan himself:

Lefty Kimono

Left-Handed Custom Beauty

It was built by german luthier Walter Kraushaar (http://www.kraushaar-gitarren.de/cms/e_git.html) whom I had discovered on the net and liked his unorthodox approach to things and the fact that he does real custom work.

I had done the design of the body about 18 years ago and still had it in the drawer knowing that I would have it built someday. I actually drove to Walter in january 2009 and after a day of talking and planing i noticed, that I didn’t have any clear ideas. So after a year of planing I went there again in january 2010 and the deal was made to build the guitar.

Here are the specs once again:
Body: Chambered Sipo Mahagony
Neck: Maple/Padouk. (~26′ scale)
Fretboard: Cocobolo with different inlay materials
Pickguard: Walnut / Maple / Walnut / Ebony
Pickups: Q-Tuner – High Z Gridge / Medium Z Neck Piezo

So what are some of the special things going into this guitar.

First off, the slightly longer scale. This was done to get a clear and powerfull bass. According to Walter the slightly longer scale makes the string more elastic as steel seems to get more elastic with the slightly raised tension. So I also chose to go up one string gauge from 10s to 11s.

Truth to be told, I don’t notice the longer scale and I hardly notice the thicker strings, playingwise.

Next Walter likes to do five piece necks in order to raise the rigidity and to eliminate dead spots. This also leads to a faster attack.

One nice thing is the neck-body junction (see picture). This is beautifully done and allows perfect access to all 22 frets.

Straight string leading leads to less detuning when using the vibrato.

The painting was inspired by a japanese kimono and the body is actually a light rose with white sparkle as can be seen on some pictures. The pickguard is deep red colored wood. It is almost impossible to take a picture where you can see both.

Playability, is awesome. The dry tone is very clear and powerfull without being sterile. With the switching option it gives me a ton of usable sounds when played amplified.


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  1. Steve says:

    Nice post Jesse!

  2. AllroyPA says:

    This is my favorite custom I’ve seen. May she serve you well for a long time. Beautiful !!

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