2017 Family Photo Shoot

Figured it was a nice day to trot out the herd and get some sweet social media likes.  Guitars are Taylor 114 CE, Yamaha nylon string, BC Rich Retro Gunslinger with DiMarzio Super Distortion,  Ibanez RG 721RW, EVH Wolfgang USA, ESP/LTD EC1000T DMZ, American Fender FSR Stratocaster, Platinum Series BC Rich Warlock with Duncan Custom/Jazz […]

Lefty Guitar Trader Review: Ibanez J Custom RG8570ZL

Finally done, let me know what you think.  I can’t embed here for some reason, 95% due to incompetence. watch?v=jDbffihCCWg&

Jesse makes an impulse purchase

Hello Again Leftyland! Apparently I have poor impulse control and decided to grab a guitar that I had my eye on for many years.  A guitar that was never even close to available in left-handed form.  A guitar that had my optimal pickup setup and a fairly unique body.  Dave at XLGuitars made the impossible…possible […]

A LeftyGuitarTrader meets a LEFTYGUITARFREAK

As some of you might know, I had a very interesting weekend.  I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet up with one of our oldest members, LEFTYGUITARFREAK, at his home and was allowed to play through a large portion of his collection.  I would have been able to play a lot more if we […]

Over 350 guitars bought, traded and sold

Just wanted to take the time and note that since we’ve started here in 2009 we have facilitated over 350 guitars being bought/sold or traded.  That’s over 300 transactions not gouged by ebay fees, reverb fees or anything else.  There’s nothing better than this community, and that’s because the members kick ass! Happy Saturday!  btw, […]

LGT Goes to NAMM 2016

Thankfully we have some dedicated members on the West coast that were thoughtful enough to head on over to the NAMM show in Anaheim last week.  While they each posted up their thoughts about the new gear on display, they also took the time to photograph some of the more interesting offerings for us to […]

Winter 2014-2015 GOTS Winner has been chosen

A hearty congrats to our friend  Remain0Silent and his stunning Ran guitar. For anyone interested, the specs of this beast: Scale length: 25.5” Construction method: Ran AANJ w/NTB style heel Body shape: Crusher Body material: Mahogany Top wood options: Carved – Plain maple Body binding: Top Binding material: White plastic Body finish: Hand-rubbed oil (black […]

Winter 2014 GOTS Voting is up!

We have a lot of great guitars to choose from this time around, so come on over to this thread and cast your vote. Here is a list of the guitars on display: MetalDaze’s Soloist Remain0Silent’s RAN Willie’s Bung CMartin’s Snakeskin CMartin’s Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all Remain0Silent’s other RAN

L2k!!! We’ve made it

It’s been over 5 years since we started this place and we’ve finally hit another milestone.  2,000 members!  Thanks to everyone for joining, buying, selling, breaking news or just trolling other members Alright, now onto business.  If you haven’t yet signed up for the forum do it now.  If you are a member and just […]

Lefty Creativity Day!

Round of applause to rockinbluesfan for going the custom hand-made route and making this KICK ASS lefty strat table.  Consider me jealous, this is the perfect compliment to a studio/man cave.  Let me know if you need my shipping address! – Jesse

New at XLG: BC Rich Villain Escape 7-Strings

B.C. Rich still cares about us!  XLG is proudly carrying some exclusives, so head on over to their site and see if one of these bad boys fit your fancy.  Big thanks to Scotty Rock at B.C. Rich for the heads up.  He has said: “These models are only available through Xtreme Lefty Guitars and […]

Happy Left Handers Day: August 13th

Alright, today is the official day of the southpaw.  Head on over to and check out all the sinister goodness.  Might as well satisfy some GAS today too!  Cheers

Guitar Review: Replica “Ibanez” ICJ100WZ from

Alright, I finally finished this video (Powerdirector and YouTube are NOT playing nice these days, holy cow).  I hope you enjoy! Per the Video Left-handed replica of the Ibanez ICJ100WZ custom made by reviewed by Jesse for Mahogany Body Set maple Neck 2 Wilkinson Humbuckers Licensed Floyd Tremelo Abalone Block Inlays 22 Fret […]

Douglas Adams lefty guitar collection for sale!

I just came across this today, and couldn’t help but smile.  The late Douglas Adams, author of such brilliant works as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” was apparently a left-handed guitarist (some fan I am!).  They are selling his collection, I have to say I […]

Guitar of the Month: Metaldaze’s ESP M-II

Alright, another guitar to feed my severe GAS for an ESP!  From the man himself: Thanks everyone for voting this GOTM! It’s a special order M-II NTB that as far as I can tell is one of a kind. The special part of the order is the ebony fretboard (instead of rosewood) and a color […]

18 Worst Things for Left Handed People

I came across this today, and sadly there was nothing there about guitars.  I walked around Sam Ash this week looking for a Gibson LPJ and I could not believe the selection of guitars available for right-handed devils.  I mean, holy cow. Anyway, this might put a smile on your face.  It might not, I […]

My favorite photos from NAMM

As you all know, Cosmic_Ape (@aronortega) has been scouting out NAMM on behalf of lefties across the globe.  Additionally, it turns out anther member, lostinthemasses, has also been checking out the newest gear as well.  Here are some of my favorite shots Don’t forget to check the thread for the rest of the updates at […]

We’re live from NAMM!

Alright, for those of you that don’t know…one of our esteemed members, Cosmic_Ape, is live at NAMM and uploading pictures like a madman as he sets out to uncover and reveal every left-handed guitar on display.  Make sure to check out his twitter @aronortega and to check the constantly updated NAMM thread! Thanks again […]

Fall Guitar of the Month: Congrats Kempfs92!

Hello again, I’m proud to display this season’s winner on our websites’s front page.  As per Jake: The custom Lake placid Blue metallic explorer I had made for me was Mike’s first lefty build at Black Diamond Custom guitar. The guitar body and neck are made from mahogany. The neck is a 24 and ¾” […]

New Video Review: BC Rich Gunslinger Retro

Alright, I finally did it…and people said I’d never have a use for that outfit again!

Summer Guitar of the Month: Congrats LeftyDaveZ!

Ok, someone finally got around to posting up a writeup for us.  Glad to have you back Dave!  This summer’s winner is is absolutely gorgeous Gibson Les Paul As per Dave, I bought this guitar from Saul @ Centre City music. I understand he isn’t a Gibson dealer any longer which is a shame. This […]

Everyone welcome Jon Way to the board!

Jon is an accomplished southpaw who puts out a series of excellent guitar reviews and has a really nice website with tons of information and videos to keep you occupied all day.  Make sure you say hi to him on the board and check out his website Happy Monday!

Member Review: Hagstrom Deuce F

Alright, much thanks to mdrorick for this detailed and honest review of his new axe.  Keep them coming everyone! Specs: Body: Mahogany with 10mm carved maple top Neck: Mahogany, set Fingerboard: Resinator fretboard with Hagström pearl block position marks, 15in radius Trussrod: H-Expander Tuners: Hagström 18:1 die cast Scale length: 25.5”; Graph Tech Black Tusq […]

Lefty Guitar Trader Review Series: Washburn N4 Vintage

Lefty Washburn N4 Review Alright, I hope everyone enjoys this one.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and remember, we encourage member reviews as well!  Please pardon my playing, I am not god (aka Nuno).

Winter Guitar of the Month Winner: LeftyGuitarFreak

Congrats to Mike for not only being the clear winner of this contest, but also for scoring a sick rare and oft-sought after vintage American Kramer.  In his own words: Right now, my NightSwan is with my guitar tech being redone in all gold hardware (I love white/gold combination on a guitar) so I cannot […]

2012: A Good Time to be a Southpaw

Hey everybody, nothing too exciting to report but I thought I would comment on the state of the Southpaw Union 2012.   I truly think that we may be entering into what will be referred to as the golden age of left-handed guitars.  No longer will we be forced to buy the same Stat, Tele or […]

Review: Dean Dime from Hell

Alright, well thanks to I was able to score one of the very first (if not the first) left-handed versions of this fine instrument.  While it may be made in China, fret not, this is a quality guitar.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video says it all: DIME […]

New Guitar Shop:

Ok everyone, we have another store just for US that has emerged.  Go on and check out   Vic has just joined the forum so feel free to say hi and hit him up with any questions.  You can also shoot an email to  Another victory for the southpaws!

Fall 2011 Guitar of the “Month” winner: MetalDaze Jackson KV2

From Dave Himself: When I heard that David at Extreme Lefty Guitars had become an authorized Jackson dealer, I knew my wallet was in trouble.  What I didn’t expect to discover was that he had a Jackson KV2 in Silver Swirl on order! As a lefty, I know that left handed USA Jacksons are hard to […]

New Guitar Trade Day: 3 for 1 special

Alright kiddos, today is a very special day.  Everyone once in a while a certain guitar catches your eye for any number of reasons.  You may love the finish, the hardware, the rarity or you may just want bragging rights. Today, I can proudly say that I have satisfied all four with my acquisition.  Luckily, […]

Is it me…

or is every lefty a bass player? I swear, every time I see a band that actually has a southpaw in it the dude is playing bass.  Anyway, carry on

Summer Guitar of the “month” winner!!! Southpawguy’s custom ESP

Alright, another successful competition has come and gone.  Without further adieu, let’s hear from the man himself: ESP Japan S800 circa 1991 custom order. I ordered this one in 1990, might have been ’91. It was a custom order through Selectron UK. I basically picked the options I wanted from a checklist and paid my […]

Welcome Blogger: Left handed guitar player

I just stumbled across a new blog site dedicated to left-handed guitarists.   The author, Ben, is putting up some useful left-centric playing tips and lessons.  Everyone show him some love and check it out.  We always need to support our growing southpaw community! Hey Ben, feel free to join our music theory discussion on […]

Member Review: otterhound custom tele (raffle prize guitar)

Our lucky winner, Saufen, finally got around to letting us know exactly how talented our member otterhound is at making custom guitars.  Cheers to the winner, and I can’t wait until the next raffle we get going.  – Jesse Ok so heres the story. had a raffle for a custom made tele style guitar.  Luckily, […]

Member Review: EVH USA Wolfgang

Special thanks to our very own LEFTYGUITARFREAK (Michael)  for taking the time to demo his new axe and share his thoughts.   I’m not going to lie, I think I want one… The very first thing you notice about the EVH when you receive the guitar is the beautiful SKB case that comes with it (included […]

Spring 2011 Guitar of the Month: Crawdaddy’s 50th Anniversary Stratocaster

What I did over spring break….oops, that’s another story for another time!!!! In 1996 Fender celebrated their 50th anniversary as a corporation. And as most corporations do, they decided to celebrate by manufacturing a limited number of fantastic anniversary guitars. Every one of the 50th LE’s came with a 3 tone sunburst alder body with […]

Newsflash: Guitar company acknowledges left-handed guitar players

Alert the media! Ok well we’re two days from the Guitar Raffle and I need to kill some time and do an update.  Don’t forget that tickets are still available up until 7 pm on Friday AND the voting is still open for the Guitar of the Month/Season contest going on. Anyway, Gibson guitars decided […]

2011 Lefty Guitar Raffle Giveaway is now open!

Alright, this is it.  1000 chances, 500+ members, 1 hand made custom guitar, one kick-ass guitar forum. I have generated the numbers and will now accept emails and payments.  First, a few things: 1.  You must first send an email to me –   Jesse (at) .   The email should contain your username, real name, […]

The 2011 Lefty Guitar Trader Custom Guitar Raffle Giveway!

Ok everyone, plans are almost finalized and we should be set to open the ticket purchase process shortly.  If you don’t already know, LeftyGuitarTrader is  working together with one of our custom-building members, the one and only otterhound, to present to you an opportunity to win a custom made “tele” styled guitar was as little […]

Lefty Custom Shop: Ibanez 540pii

Today’s post is a look at my custom Ibanez 540pii. This is a guitar that Ibanez had no business never making in a left-handed version.  I think it is one of the most attractive metal body styles out there, and putting the parts together for this project took quite an effort. What started out as […]

Jesse’s guide to getting the best deal on your lefty guitar

As I snagged by most recent lefty, a red 1990 Ibanez 540S, I couldn’t help but wonder what the best techniques or practices are to grab a guitar that you really want, at a price you can live with, when your heart stop s and you see it on an online auction site.  I think […]

Top Five Benefits of Being a Lefty Guitar Player

New content for the week.  I did some thinking and really asked myself if there were any honest advantages to playing lefty.  We ALL know the downside to it, but could I possibly come up with 5 honest reasons why playing southpaw could be a good thing?  Is it really possible?  Let’s see what my […]

Friday Fun – Lefty Guitarist on YouTube

Dealer Spotlight: Drum City Guitarland

When I was a 13 year old kid in upstate New York and first starting to learn to play guitar, my father used to take me to New York City to visit Manny’s, Sam Ash and 48th Street Custom Guitars.  They all had the best gear around, but the lefty selection was anything but titillating.  […]

Elliot Easton Talks about Growing Up As a Lefty Guitarist

Here’s Elliot Easton talking about something many of us can relate to — growing up as a left handed guitarist! And talking about his SG Custom…

Feature Review: Schecter C-7 Blackjack Lefty

Stock left-handed Schecter C-7 Blackjack review

Winter 2011 Guitar of the Month

Alright, working out this new posting style.  Here is our first GOTM of 2011.  Congrats to McCap (Stephan) for a unique beauty.  As to what goes behind this guitar, no one better to describe it than Stephan himself: It was built by german luthier Walter Kraushaar ( whom I had discovered on the net and […]

Global Galleries Added to!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added an easier way to view other members’ photo galleries to! Now you can access your own galleries or other members’ photos from the main navigation bar.  Quickly add new Albums yourself.  Now it’s time to start building a great gallery of your own c0llection or your wishlist!

Guitar of The Month – October 2010

Body: Alder Neck: Lightly flamed maple, zero fret, brass stringguide. Bridge,cover and tailpiece: custom made by me. Tuners: Original mosrite. Pickup: custom made by me. Knobs: original mosrite. Color: Candyapple blue over silver. Brand: GUN guitars Made by Member Oigun!

Guitar of the Month – September 2010

Congrats Kramerfan, your lefty is September’s Guitar of the Month!

Guitar of the Month – August 2010

Congrats to Leftyguitarfreak for having August’s Guitar of the Month!!